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Nationwide Election Resources

Election laws differ from state to state.  Visit the links below, look for the state dropdown menu or map, and click on your state to find voting and election information.


Is your election official elected or appointed? Find out here. provides information on voter id laws in all 50 states and ways to obtain the appropriate identification.  They created handy PDFs of cards with all of the voter ID requirements for all 50 states.  These PDFs can be printed and shared widely.


Rock The Vote has information on how to vote in all 50 states.  You can sign-up for election alerts, register and find voter ID and absentee ballot information.

US Vote Foundation and the U.S. Vote Foundation provide the following information for all 50 states: voter registration information and deadlines, absentee ballot, early voting dates, voter ID laws / requirements, and links to the state and local board of elections sites. Check your voter registration status.

ballotpedia_edited_edited.jpg provides information on federal, state, and local (including judicial) elections, redistricting, the Census, and more. Find important dates and candidate and elected representative information.

Turbo Vote

Sign-up for election alerts via text and email.  You will never have to worry about missing another election again, as long as you keep your address up to date if you move.


The Green Papers has all sorts of useful election data.  They keep track of all federal and state elections.  They list all candidates and links to their campaign websites and election results results.

Nationwide Resources: Take Action

Voting Rights of Individuals
Impacted by the Justice System

Now, most states allow those who have been in the system to vote, depending on where they are in the process. Every state has different laws regarding the voting rights for those who are in jail, imprisoned, on parole, or have finished serving their time.  The links below will take you directly to webpages with information on voting rights by state.


Scroll to the map and click on the state to view information on voting rights of individuals formerly incarcerated.


Use their interactive map and hover over each state to learn more about the voting rights of individuals formerly incarcerated.

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